If you need natural-sounding Japanese writing for any context but have no time to write it, then I am the person to help you.

I’m a freelance writer living in Yokohama, Japan, specializing in web content, articles, and personal/company profiles. My work has always satisfied customers, with high quality writing that clearly reflects their aims and ideas.

Since some of my customers are not native Japanese speakers, they have spoken to me in simple Japanese to convey their ideas. Are you in the same situation? Don’t worry about it, and just leave it to me. I can guess your purpose and context, and then weave the words into natural Japanese sentences.

The service I offer is not a translation. All you need to do is simply talk to me in simple Japanese. It doesn’t matter whether your Japanese is proficient; please feel free to give me your ideas and opinions frankly.

I’ve worked as a writer for a Japanese electronics manufacturer and as an editor of an in-house magazine for 3 years. After becoming a freelance writer, I have also written for some companies, so I am deft at writing adequate Japanese phrases according to specific contexts and business situations. You can gain high quality Japanese writing just by talking to me.

I’m an artisan of the Japanese language. If you need plain and intelligible Japanese, please contact me.


The total cost consists of the interview fee, writing fee, transportation fee, and consumption tax.

Writing fee:
5,000 yen per 400 Japanese characters plus a consumption tax

Interview fee:
10,000 yen per 60 minutes plus a consumption tax

You need 800 characters for your company profile, and 90 minutes is needed for our interview.

The total cost of the service in yen would be
5000*2 (writing fee) + 10000*1.5 (interview fee) +taxes + transportation fees.

After our initial hearing, the amount of time needed to create your content is decided, and a quote for the service is given to you.

Order Flow

1. Please contact me using the form below. You can briefly tell me about the content that you need, the amount, the placement, and the purpose by e-mail. You may write in English or Japanese.

2.After the hearing, I will email you a quote based on the information you gave me, which I will attach as a PDF file. Please check my quote and send it back as a PDF with your signature on it when you decide to order. The quote will become the contract at that time.

3. You can arrange the appointment for our interview, and I will visit you on the interview day. During the interview, please use basic Japanese. When I don’t understand what you mean, I will follow your words with English words.

4. One week later, I will submit your manuscript in Japanese. If there are mistakes, then I will correct them promptly.

5. The invoice will be sent at the end of the month in which you accepted the manuscript. Please remit your payment to the designated bank account in Japanese yen by the end of the next month.

Contact me

Please tell me about your project in Japanese or English.


Okamura Naoko
Born in 1973. Japanese writer.

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